Sunday 14 July 2019

More 18th Century French - Button Counters look away now!

Here at last, now they've had their bases (almost) finished (I need to order a few tufts) are the first five battalions of my French army for the War of the Polish Succession. A battalion of Gardes Francais (Cran Tara figures),  the Royal Italien, Royal Suedois (Technically Swedish but....) Buckley and Roth (both Irish) have now joined forces and are on their way to barracks. I’m in the middle of slowly painting the first (Regt Auvergne) of what will be a further half dozen normal grey/white coated battalions although I ought to do a Swiss battalion.  Tedious though and it's no fun compared to what I've been doing for the first half of the year as returning to 40+ figures battalions compared with 20’s for the Sikh Wars can be a strain on the mojo.

As I said in the previous post I got a mega discount on a load of Ebor WSS figures (thanks Nick) so the temptation was far far too great to ignore. Yes, I know the hairdos are wrong. Yes, I know they should be wearing gaiters but paint solves that one. Yes, I know the coats and pocket arrangements and their belts and shoulder straps are slightly wrong, but as with all these things at a distance of 2 feet these uniform fudges disappear. They're my toys and they will do perfectly well at a pinch for the War of the Austrian Succession as well as the Polish one, and of course if I were ever to consider it, the WSS, but I won't. I do actually have a couple of battalions of Cran Tara WAS French and will no doubt get another one or two in time. Once I've got these bloody French out of the way that is. Now to finish basing the cavalry and awarding them their colours. And I STILL haven’t finished my Bengal Horse Artillery limber teams!

Button counters may now look again.


  1. I entirety agree, your toys, your choice!

  2. Impressive and superb, splendid units...and flags!

  3. Very nice.
    I decided against Swiss in French pay too. In my opinion it's better to have historical looking brigades, as the Irish for example always fought together in one Brigade.
    I think that the hairdos of the WPS were looking very much the same like during the WSS, especially if you are looking on Generals, but older officers too (just check portraits of Coigny and the older maréchal de Broglie).