Tuesday 2 July 2019

Some more Ottomans

I took advantage of The Assault Group (TAG) Crisis pre-order mega discount last year to buy a few more Ottomans (among other things, e.g. Cossack infantry). Pete kindly suggested that as there was little (none actually) point in him carrying the figures over to Antwerp just for me to take them home again he’d post them on to me free of charge complete with the show discount. Good man! I am a big fan of TAG figures but they are at the top of my price range under normal circumstances.

The figures below were painted for me by my mate Barry and based up by me. I think I’ve even managed to avoid getting static grass in anybody’s ears for a change!
Tufcheci infantry. 

Tufcheci musketeers. More non Janissary infantry are a must for a mid-late 17thC  Ottoman army.

Deli light cavalry. Light cavalry of any sort are lacking in my Ottoman army except for some Tartars and now these. 
Not that these will be much use to anybody!

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  1. Nice figs, those TAG chappies. No cheap so well done on that discount!!