Monday 1 July 2019

June painting and production totals

June’s highlight was the Wild Geese annual event in Kenilworth ( as described in a separate post). Despite not being well for a week or so I still managed to get a fair bit done. Perhaps next month will see the last of the Sikh Wars marathon, or not as the case may be.

Completed (by my own hand)
3 Sikh Wars vignettes (snake charmer, fakir on bed of nails and Indian rope trick)
1 bullock and civilian drover
1 Sikh commander (Alexander Gardner)
10 Sikh irregular/feudal cavalry
10 Bengal Irregular Cavalry (Skinners Horse)
9 assorted baggage camels
2 camels pulling limbered heavy cannon (Sikh)
1 x Dr Brydon one of the “sole survivors of retreat from Kabul” vignette
2 British Sikh Wars command stands (5 figures)
40 Sikh Irregular Feudal infantry.
1 Bengal Foot Artillery Rocket section
3 Elephant drawn limbers (Sikh)

Games: 7 (incl 3 at Kenilworth)

Shows/Events: Durham Wargames Group annual show; The Wild Geese weekend in Kenilworth.

Not a bad month. I have also starting selling surplus and never-likely-to-get-painted lead on eBay. If anyone wants 28mm French Wars of Religion stuff let me know.

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  1. Sorry you've been crook, hope you are on the up! If it's any consolation, you have painted more while unwell than I've painted this last month!