Saturday 27 June 2020

Early Italian Wars Swiss

I bought these figures for a very reasonable second hand price off my mate Charles Singleton at Hammerhead 2020. Another mate, heroic Barry, agreed to paint them for me as the thought of tackling over 200 figures myself when I already had a bunch of other stuff to do made me feel ill.

Anyway, here are the finished figures, painted by Barry, based by me and flags by Pete's flags. I still need to touch up the edges of most of the flags before they all go in the box, which I plan to do tomorrow. This has been very much a joint effort and I'm really pleased with the outcome.

 There are currently three pike blocks, each with 48 pike and 16 halberdiers. The pikes are 24 to a single base, two of which will make up a a very large unit. 

 I also have 

The rear rank is made up of 16 halberdiers
 To screen the pikes I have 36 handgunner skirmishers, 12 for each block.

The Swiss commanding general
Me, cooling off in the not hot tub this week after a couple of marathon basing, sanding, grassing and tufting sessions in the garden this week.
I really should give some thought to a set of rules. Pike and Shotte would do as a default set, heavily fiddled with, and I mean to give Furioso a try as well as another self-published set given to me by yet another mate Tim.


  1. Very impressive blocks of pike! Stay cool!

  2. Impressive units which will make a good solid impression on the tabletop. Cheers Greg (Delta Coy)

  3. Very pleasing on the eye, final picture excepted of course.😉

  4. These turned out great - flags are outstanding!

  5. Wow...
    You certainly don’t do things by halves Colin...

    All the best. Aly

  6. Just the thing for a rainy Saturday morning here. Very Gilderesque.

    Best Regards,


  7. Colourful and impressive - those pike blocks would certainly be a 'presence' on the battlefield!