Friday 12 June 2020

Some more Italian Wars stuff

I finished basing these yesterday and I think they look pretty good if I say so myself. The figures are mainly TAG with quite a few Perry’s and a handful of  Foundry/Casting Room/Hinchliffe gunners. The Gendarmes are Eureka. Flags are Pete’s Flags. I didn’t paint all of these figures but did do some extra work on a couple of units and I based them all. The yellow gun is a TAG “Shrympe”, a cannon based on a design used by Henry VIII and is wholly anachronistic for the early Italian Wars but it is so weird I had to have one. The Venetian design on it is a home made water slide decal.

Perry Italian swordsmen in the service of Venice.
A very old Hinchliffe organ gun and crew, still looking great.

My anachronistic Shrympe. I love it.
Venetian gensdarmes. These are Eureka miniatures.
TAG Elemeti 

I have a unit of pike, two of crossbowmen, some militia archers and a load of Stradioti to finish and then the Venetians will be complete, for the time being....

My mate Barry is doing some Swiss for me  and new mate Mark the core of a French army. I'm working on more Spanish and Papal troops so expect to have more than enough for a game by August. As usual I’ve gone a bit mad, forgetting the enormous box of painted and unpainted Italian Wars figures I have under the table, shelved since about 2014! At least one benefit of the Zombie Apocalypse is that I’ve been able to revisit this project and bring it back to life. Now I just need to find a set of rules. Pike and Shot will do but I’m intrigued by a set called ‘Furioso’ that look like they are worth further investigation.


  1. That Shrympe gun is just brilliant!

  2. Lovely units. The Italian swordsmen are always a fave, and who doesn’t love a shrympe?

  3. That's a colourfull period to game. Nicely done too.

  4. Brand additions to yet another project!

  5. Lovely looking units .....spectacularly colourful period.

  6. Oooh, one of my favorite periods. These look superb! I will tell you that a buddy and myself played Furiouso once and while it has some clever concepts we were no where near finished with the battle (and I have a moderate sized collection) after 4 hours of play.
    I immediately realized I could never use that set of rules for a convention game which was what I was looking to do. I ended up using Pike and Shotte with modifications.
    But hey, don't let me stop you from trying it.

  7. They look great- well done.