Wednesday 17 June 2020

Waterloo Day Game Tomorrow

Well, I’m sure no one who reads this blog won’t know that tomorrow is the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. So, assuming the technology holds up I am hosting a game with ‘The Burrowers’ via Skype.

Now, I don’t own any suitable, or even any, Napoleonic figures (I own one, the old Foundry Napoleon crossing the Alps model). Nor do I own such iconic terrain pieces as Hougomont and La Haye Saint, which thinking ahead also rules out the 1794 Battle of Mont St Jean fought over the same ground. I know, I’ll refight the Battle of Wavre instead. I still don’t have any suitable figures and as I’m giving the French Revolution a little rest while there is a proverbial lull before the storm in the campaign, in one of my many moments of madness thought “why not set it in the Franco-Prussian War instead?” And why not indeed?

The French will be attacking, and outnumber the Prussians by around 2:1. Many of the Prussians are Landwehr (enter my unwilling German allied units). Hopefully it will be entertaining. It will certainly be different.


  1. Great idea to celebrate the iconic battle in a different way. Looking forward to the AAR.

  2. Off the wall choice there, but why not? Hope it goes well!

  3. Nice idea, look forward to it.

  4. Sounds great and why not... a great scenario and challenging command.

  5. Love this idea to generate a scenario by moving battles between wars.