Thursday 10 December 2020

British Commanders War of Austrian Succession or 7 Years War


I am now back to my “normal” state after over a week of struggling with troublesome bodily parts.  Last night I completed these command figures for my Anglo-Hanoverians for the War of Austrian Succession or Seven Years War. They’re all Cran Tara miniatures and we’re really enjoyable to paint, using a mixture of contrast paints, washes and hi-lights. They work for me and I’m certainly happy with the way they’ve turned out. I completed them in several short sessions over the past four or five days. 


  1. Very nice. Do like the guy holding his hat on.

  2. Yes, lovely brushwork there, Colin. It's hard to go wrong with Crann Tara figures. Or Minden/Fife and Drum for that matter.

    Best Regards,


  3. Nice additions to your forces.

  4. They are excellent Colin. I particularly like the action poses on the first base too.
    Regards, James