Monday 7 December 2020

Down but not out. Part 1

Despite being hors de combat for most of last week I did manage to finish a few odd and ends over the course of a number of short trips to my painting bombsite, er my painting desk, and a most eclectic mix of stuff it is too.

Here are my British infantry for the Seven Years War. I only have a brigade of four battalions and have neither the time, money or inclination to do any more, but of course might yet buy a battalion of the new Flags of War English when they are available.  To be honest these units have never seen the light of day but now that they have a commander that will change.

“The brigade will advance!” 

My brigadier is actually the Duke of Cumberland figure from Flags of War. 

HM 20th Foot lead the way (Warlord miniatures)

HM 87th Highlanders (Minden I think, or Cran Tara)

HM 51st Foot followed by HM 12th Foot (Foundry)

That’s the end of “Down but Not Out, part 1”


  1. Very fine looking chaps there. Sorry to hear you've been a tad below par, hope you are better now!

  2. Sorry you have not been so good. It comes to as all I'm afraid. Still nice to see some lovely figures and great painting. En avant mon brave.

  3. Very handsome figures and units! SYW British have far too much detail for me to attempt, but hats off to those who tackle 'em.

    Best Regards,