Friday 27 August 2021

Wagram Refight in 1/72 scale.


Last Saturday I was planning on going along to the club to take part in a refight of the Battle of Wagram in 1809. The game was organised by Mike and utilised his enormous collection of 1/72 scale plastic figures in an enormous game using the Absolute Emperor set of rules. Sadly, my body had other ideas and the thought of going up and down a narrow spiral staircase every time I needed a wee turned my pain receptors right down to the point I could barely move. Of course by lunchtime at home I was feeling miserable and was wishing I’d gone but that’s life and it would have been silly and an imposition on the others. Anyway, Mike, Richard and Neil kindly sent me some photos the of the action, and it does look rather splendid! The photos aren’t necessarily in the correct  order but I don’t think that matters too much. I’m also not entirely sure what is going on but hopefully that doesn’t on the photos to embiggen  them.


In the absence of my kitten Esme Neil felt it necessary to do an impersonation of her. 

This was the situation the end of Day 1.

The game continued on Sunday although some players were unable to play on both days.

I believe that it was a close and very hard fought game and only a marginal French victory, although the Austrians are no doubt claiming a win. I understand the rules worked well for this size of game, which is what they were designed for. It’s a shame I didn’t get to try them out. (Subsequent feedback suggests the rules are ok’ish but badly written and not user friendly).

Again, it’s a bummer that I wasn’t up to joining in but more games are planned, maybe Borodin or Leipzig. Thanks again gents for the pictures.


  1. That's an impressive looking game indeed!

  2. Sorry to hear the pain gremlins boogared your participation, hope you are feeling a tad more yourself soon.

  3. Impressive game. Cant say I have tried those rules yet. Sorry about your back. Hope things ease a bit soon