Thursday 30 September 2021

The start of a new campaign (Part 1)

Its about time I ran another campaign here at The Burrow, and with my recent rekindled interest in the Ancients period and especially Late Romans, Goths and all I thought I'd set the 2021 campaign in a fictitious province on the edge of the Roman Empire sometime around the end of the fourth and start of the fifth centuries A.D. 

When I first set about building my Late Roman forces I'd always planned on producing enough figures for two sides so I could  represent some of the fighting that went on between various factions during that era; indeed the Goths were initially intended only as a small auxiliary corps for one or other of the armies, and see how that went off plan in a big way!

So here is the Province of Asienus, split into Asienus Superior to the north and Asienus Inferior in the south. The provincial capital is Praesidim Gehenae, and the two other main cities are Humidum Bracas and Aquilonisopidum.  

I drew this map using an app called 'inkarnate' which is easy to use and produces some pretty good results if I say so myself. When I get the hang of it I'm sure I'll do even better.

Two players are the Ostrogoths and Visigoths, located within the borders of the province at Tabularasa and Barborum Castra, and another player is in charge of the Huns who start the campaign off the top of the map, poised to render death and destruction on all in their path. Everyone else (with one as yet undisclosed exception) are Romans. One of these is the Magister Militum Asienus with overall responsibility for the province and two others are in theory responsible for Asienus’s Superior and Inferior respectively. The others are unaligned yet presumably loyal (to whom except to themselves?) generals dotted around the province in one or other of the remaining settlements.

Objectives are simple. The barbarians have to drive the Romans out of the province and subjugate the other barbarian players' commands, seizing settlements, looting and pillaging and all sorts of barbarian stereotypical behaviour. 

Meanwhile the Romans must battle for control of the province and although alliances are permitted, be 'the last man standing' not unlike in Kingmaker. They are free to proclaim themselves Emperor, or if they're too successful, their army will do it for them whether they want the purple or not, but they must also rid the province of barbarian invaders, either by defeat or diplomacy.

More to follow but I thought this little taste might pique some interest.

No game this weekend but I have lots of basing to finish off from various projects.


  1. I shall follow this campaign from afar!

  2. I really look forward to this one. It's one of my favourite periods.

  3. Great looking campaign and I nice map, I will take a look at this App.