Sunday 5 September 2021

This week I finished........Part II

Hot on the heals of yesterday's post here are some other things that were finally finished this weekend.

First up a French command base for my Italian Wars collection. These are two Steel Fist miniatures.

 Next are two more units of generic Visi/Ostrogoths for the hoard. These don’t seem to have come out as nicely as the others but they’ll do well enough.

Another Late Roman light infantry unit, although if I was using WRG 6th edition they’d be more like LMI, Sh, JLS, Darts, kitchen sink. Under Sword and Spear they’re melee capable light infantry.

Yet another generic Goth-type infantry war band. A mixture of plastic and metal Gripping Beast. I think this is my seventh!

You can never have too many command bases, so this is another for the Goths.

Lastly another Late Roman commander. The figure is GBs Aetius figures (he of Hun bashing fame at the Catalunian Fields)



  1. Your House Elf works jolly hard! Nice additions, I particularly like the command bases.

  2. Splendid additions. Don't you miss all those WRG abbreviations, well may be not🙂