Wednesday 8 September 2021

Wargames Atlantic Late Romans

 Oh my but I really hated doing this unit. Expletives deleted and all that in fact.

On the face of it they’re a nice box of figures, with plenty of options for arms and equipment. I especially like the options to show figures throwing their spears or martiobubili (darts). However…

I found them difficult and uninspiring to paint. No idea why but I did compared to Gripping Beast plastics and everyone else’s metal Late Romans. They’re certainly not really up to even the bottom end of my basic production-line standards.

They’re very big and the poses don’t really give you much chance if you should wish to rank them up in close order, so whereas I’d get three ranks of other figures on my bases there’s no chance with these giants.

The bloody shields are equally, and correctly, very big. I didn’t have any suitable transfers I could use or even cannibalise so painting them was my only option, which given my “Shakin’ Stevens” hands is a risk.

That said, I’ve got two more boxes to put together at some point and I may feel differently after they’re finished. I’m just about a day off completing a Foundry Late Roman legion which I only started on Monday. They’re soooo easy and stress free to do.

I keep finding odd bags of Romans (normally skirmish types) and half boxes of Goths that I intend to keep going with on the production line, and I have two more Foundry legions started so it’ll likely be a while before I go back to the Atlantic figures, especially as I need (?) to crack on with some more 1866 stuff.

Game this coming Saturday so I’d better decide what I shall inflict on the chaps.


  1. They do indeed have quite awkward looking poses and the shields do seem to be extraordinarily large!

    Thanks for the review/warning Colin.