Sunday 27 November 2022

Battleground Stockton 26 November 2022

One of the many advantages of living in Teesside is this show run by Pendraken miniatures which is five minutes from my doorstep.

This year I supplied a large number of 28mm Italian Wars figures and my Italian city to add to Conrad’s massed pike blocks and our refight of Pavia in 1525.

Before the photos the verdict on the show. It was excellent. Really busy with a record number of punters through the doors (week over 700 I believe). There was a good selection of traders big and small, local and not local, and some good stuff to be had. The games were by and large pretty good, and a couple such as the Vicksburg game and our Pavia game were excellent but then I’m biased. The siege of Barnard Castle was also very impressive.

So here are the photos; not of all the games but a hopefully representative selection for your perusal. They are in no particular order …..

Me commanding the Swiss and looking pensive.


More of Pavia.

Pavia - the Medicis being swatted aside by the Spanish.


The siege of Barnard Castle - no sign of Dominic Cummings though.
Pavia again.

The city walls.

French gendarmes led by the king making hard work of defeating the Imperial cavalry.

The Swiss

The Imperial army.

Bautzen in 15mm

Wellington in India from the Westerhope club.

It was an excellent show and an excellent game organised by Conrad and Richard. In fact an excellent day spoilt only by England’s lacklustre performance against South Africa!


  1. Some very nice games on show there Colin.

  2. Colin was good to see you and catch up. The Pavia game was excellent and thanks for all the photos, Englands performance met my expectations and didn’t torture myself watching it!

  3. Wonderful post Colin, thanks for sharing.


  4. Great looking figures and games.

  5. Thank you for these photos Colin they compliment Graham C's blog nicely , but with more pikes! Your Pavia game looks spectacular well done all. Cheers Chris G

  6. Great to see you at the weekend Colin and the game was fantastic, really nice work.