Tuesday 15 November 2022

This week I am doing this…..Refugees

Another quiet week again. The plan had been to host a big game last Saturday for the usual Burrowers and the lads from the Like a Stone Wall group, but I couldn’t go ahead due to me being seriously out of sorts and Katherine had had a difficult couple of days in her long and slow recovery.

I finally got these refugees for the 1940 project finished, or as finished as they’ll ever be. They’re either 3D prints off Badger 3D Creations together with the odd metal miniature that I can’t remember the provenance of. Every Fall of France 1940 project needs lots of refugees. 
The variety of poses in the 3D printed set is tremendous. I have a few more to do which will make up a fourth base to clog the roads in any future games. They’ll do…..


  1. I love the basing- it looks like they are escaping by secondary (or worse!) routes. No doubt the primary roads are destroyed or choked.

  2. Nice additions . Sorry to hear your both having a tough time

  3. Grand and useful additions there Colin. Best Wishes to you both of course in the ongoing health areas.

  4. Beautiful little collection, I think perhaps I need a few of these ? Hopefully you are both improving 👍