Friday 25 November 2022

Battleground Tomorrow


I’m not putting my own game on this year but have loaned a large number of my Italian Wars collection for the Durham Club game run by Conrad. I think there’s room for a few more figures! 

The game is a loose representation of Pavia in 1525. Should be interesting especially as were using a heavily adapted reskin of Twilight of the Sun King as they have some interesting mechanics.

I’ll do a show write up after the event.


  1. Very much looking forward to your report Colin. Your collection is stunning.

  2. I look forward to your extensive report and pictures in due course. Have a grand day!

  3. A nice looking game and as always your figures look great. Looking forward to your show AAR:).

  4. Spectacular collection and I like the choice of rules too. Looking forward to the AAR.

  5. Cheers for sharing Colin, I love the look of your game. Reminds me of the front cover of "Battle" 1977 or 1978, they had pictures of a similar game.