Tuesday 22 November 2022

French Division Legere Mechanique to contest the Fall of France

This week it’s been a day or two of tanks. French tanks. You have to hand it to them but they may have had their faults but their tank paintwork is really cool and quite easy. The hardest bits were (a) the decals, there are so many options, and (b) the decision about whether to outline the different colours on the camouflage pattern. 

Somua S35 tanks. They’re mainly 3d prints but the four at the back are die cast and maybe the two odd ones will be repainted to match one day. 

Hotchkiss tanks. Technically I could do with two more. These are either 3d prints or from Early War Miniatures.

In all their glory. As I’ve mentioned earlier  I ought to do a couple more Hotchkiss tanks plus another Somua  for the  regimental command.  Have the models so let’s see….

I’ve been busy painting some 20/28mm buildings, either for France 1940 or for more generic horse and musket battles. Should have some ready by the end of this coming weekend.


  1. Fine work there Colin and completely agree re: the French camo schemes versus the issues with the tanks themselves and how they were deployed etc.

  2. Wonderful group of tanks. Yeah, the camo colours are really appealing, and very well painted.

  3. Impressive looking collection even in 20mm that’s a lot !

  4. You have the bit between your teeth Colin!