Sunday 20 November 2022

More BEF for 1940

I was supposed to be playing in a massive refight of Leipzig at the club this weekend but I’ve had a horrendous chest infection so had to give the excitement a miss. I did manage to finish a few more pieces for the 1940 collection in the shape of two Royal Artillery units, one with old-WW1 vintage 4.5” howitzers and the other with 6” howitzers. 

They’re a mixture of plastic, 3D resin prints and metal from a variety of manufacturers, but mainly Early War Miniatures in the case of the metals. Each battery or regiment has an FOO plus the required soft skins and tractors (those of the 6” regiment are not pictured). I’m pleased with their appearance and look forward to seeing them on the battlefield.

I might even get my French armour done for my DCL by tomorrow. 

No game this week as it’s the Stockton Battleground show this coming Saturday which I’m looking forward to.


  1. Fine work there Colin and it reminds me I ought to get some heavier guns for some on table action for my BKCII games.

  2. Grand additions to the 1940 BEF. Sorry to hear you are crook, hope you will be fit for Battleground.

  3. Do like the early war equipment and this is a lovely addition.

  4. Plenty to like with such nice kit as these.