Sunday 9 June 2024

Back to the Russian Napoleonics

You can never have too many Russians, or at least it seems that way as I carry on with the early Russian collection for 1805-1808.  Barry painted the cavalry and I am in the process of basing them up. I do like my big cavalry regiments. The cavalry are all  Casting Room Miniatures and the jäger are Elite Miniatures.

More cuirassiers 


Guard Jäger Battalion (who may have carried flags unlike their line compatriots).


  1. Good to see you posting again from the home land. Hope you had a great time on hols. Yes indeed ones russian armies do rather expand, more than most. Nice figures look forward to their 1st outing

  2. Beautiful figures Colin. Always love this period ad you well know. All the best Carlo

  3. Impressive array of fresh troops, Colin! Welcome back too.