Wednesday 12 June 2024

The Last of my Napoleonic Swedes….probably.

Barry did these for me while I was away, to theoretically complete my Swedish army. The miniatures are all Eagle Miniatures.

The infantry are the Lifeguard and Guard Grenadiers preceded by the jäger company of the former battalion.

Lifeguard Horse Regiment

Another generic dragoon regiment.

I just need to tidy up the bases and give them a coat of satin varnish and they will be ready for action, imminently in fact as I have a game planned with John the Red for Friday. 

As well as lending a hand in the defence of Finland they are also destined to be used in my planned ‘what if’ campaign set in 1808 with a combined French/Dutch/Spanish/Danish force attacking the Swedes who will be supported by some British (there was a fair sized expeditionary force embarked on transports in Swedish ports that the crazy king refused to allow to disembark).  Anyway, in the campaign there will be a chance that they will join the Swedes.

It won’t be starting for a while as we’re all in the middle of a large 1813 campaign. But, better to plan ahead.

No doubt I’ll dig up more Swedes from my garden shed of oblivion at some point……..


  1. Very nice additions to your Swedish army, the cavalry are particularly lovely.

  2. Great looking figures for an unusual campaign. Eagle makes some nice figures for the Swedes.

  3. Such a splendid Swedish army, love the grenadiers and the cavalry!

  4. Knowing you Colin, 'last' just doesn't seem likely.