Saturday 22 June 2024

Danish Horse Artillery


I’ve just completed this battery of horse artillery equipped with 3pdrs for my Danish Napoleonic cavalry brigade. The figures are from the excellent Perry range. While most of my Danes are in the pre-1808 uniforms I have these in the newer issue with a shako instead of a round hat. Horse artillery being somewhat an elite (if only in their eyes) formation I decided that they’d get all the up-to-date kit ahead of anyone else. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Now I need to do a limber.


  1. Very nice, they look great, the Perry Danish range is a great one, lot's of lovely miniature in it.

  2. Only one limber? Shurely Shum Mishtake? Nice to see this peripheral theatre getting your attention though.

  3. Good story and choice. These look very smart. My armies lack Horse Artillery.
    I looked to see if they were illustrated in "Uniformer, Faner Og Vaben i Den Danske Haer fra 1659-1980" B. Walbom-Pramvig but unfortuntely the artillery section illustrations jump from 1766 to 1848. However there is a nice picture of an Engineer Officer of 1802. He has a long tailed red coat faced black, blue hussar breeches with Austrian knots and hussar boots with gold top and tassels, and a bicorne with white plume. If you think you'd like to paint one I can send you a photo.
    all the best,