Friday 14 June 2024

Going Dutch - Kingdom of Holland Contingent

I’ve gone a bit (when do I do only a bit?) mad with Napoleonics of late. After Swedes, Spanish and Danes, who next. Well, the corps garrisoning Denmark in 1808 included a division from the Kingdom of Holland. So, pursuant with my goal of building up this corps for my fictional Baltic campaign I just had to do some. 

So far I have three battalions of infantry, a jäger battalion, one regiment each of cuirassiers and hussars and two batteries. The cuirassiers are repainted Trent French dragoons (apparently they maybe didn’t wear the cuirass), and the rest are all Perry miniatures from their lovely K of Holland range. The hussars are plastic Perry French hussars. They ought to have the plume on the side of the shako but I didn’t feel like converting them and it was only after they were done that I saw Perry did heads with shakos in that early style. Doh! The jägers are actually from the Perry Confederation of the Rhine range. I’d originally painted them for my 1799 Batavians but they’re not out of place in 1807-1808 as they still could be seen wearing bicornes as well as the shako sported by the line infantry.

There are two more battalions in production to make up a reasonably sized brigade, or division with the cavalry.Here are the troops so far.


  1. Another lovely looking army and another slightly unusual one, great to see them.

  2. Dutch as well brilliant. Would be interesting to know which figures you have used for the jager as perry only seem to produce a matching figure.

    1. They’re from the Perry Confederation of the Rhine range.

  3. You are in overdrive since coming home Colin. It's tired me just keeping up...

  4. Nice work on an unusual force.