Thursday 13 June 2024

Did I Mention the Danes?

 Did I? I think the previous post hinted at them as part of the invasion of Sweden campaign. Before I went away I succumbed to the wonderful Perry range of 28mm Napoleonic Danes and ordered me up enough for a division of infantry and a brigade of cavalry, with artillery attached. My mate and painting machine Barry completed them for me so when I came back from the Raj I had this handy little force waiting to be based up. So here they are, ready for battle (although I don’t like the flags and have ordered new ones from Maverick). 

In total we have four battalions of line infantry, a battalion of jager, one battery of foot artillery, and one regiment each of hussars and light dragoons. I have a few odds and ends left to do, such as a horse artillery battery. I chose to buy the miniatures wearing their earlier pre-1808 uniforms, solely as I like them, and I’m guessing that new style uniforms wouldn’t have been issued until the old ones wore out.

The complete force

The cavalry brigade 

Four btns of infantry

A rifle/light btn with brigade skirmish bases to their rear.

The Kategat regiment 

They shall be getting their baptism of fire tomorrow.


  1. Such a campaign would give possibilities of a combination of danes and spanish invading sweden over the ice in 1809, and then figthing against a swedish and a british force under wellesley. Happy gaming indeed.

  2. Great looking army, I really like the Perry Danish, they are nice figures and you went the right way in my opinion with the early uniform, just that bit different and looks great. Looking forward to seeing that happens when all these nations finally clash, should be good!

  3. Someones been busy. Lovely little army. I agree about the flags tho. Upgrade required. I've been resisting these figures since they first came out and now you very pushed me over the edge.

  4. Interesting additions there! I sometimes think you keep some traders afloat single handed Colin.