Tuesday 11 June 2024

Romana’s Corps Denmark 1807

Here after many delays is my almost complete Spanish corps for my early Napoleonic collection, in the shape of Romana’s corps who were based in N Germany and Denmark until repatriated by the British. I plan on using them for a hypothetical campaign against the Swedes in 1807-1809. 

In total we have seven battalions of line infantry, one of light infantry, three mounted regiments and two batteries of artillery. 

The line infantry are largely Warlord with a fair few Eagles Minis among them. The cavalry are a mixture of Offensive Miniatures. (the dragoons in yellow, the Perrys for the Villavicosa regiment in green and an unknown manufacturer for the blue cavalry regiment). The light infantry are Front Rank and the gunners are either Perrys or the same unknown make as for the cavalry. 

The flags are not all correct but they are what I have and what is available, therefore they will (have to) do.

There is an eighth battalion to finish and some light infantry in skirmish order and then the force will be complete. 


  1. Didn't see that one coming. Rather left field. Will be interesting to see how they fair Contreras les suedois

  2. Very nice and colourful army and a good bit different too!

  3. Spain's best, except my namesake of course! A colourful and effective force. I wish them well in the North but they are missed here at home.
    I don't remember seeing anyone one else reconstruct this Corps. Can someone furnish the RN ships?
    Nicely done

  4. A super addition in preparation for the coming campaign.