Friday 21 June 2024

Some strange Danish reinforcements.


I recently noticed that Steve Barber produces Danish Bosnaik Uhlans for the Napoleonic Wars. Moments later I had ordered half a dozen to form a squadron, which was nominally attached to the Danish Hussar Regiment. I believe the Bosnians were more of a ceremonial unit but who could not resist a squadron of these to bolster the Perry hussar regiment?

The men were volunteers and I doubt any were actually from anywhere near the Balkans, but they look rather pretty so that’s enough for me. I’ve not given them lance pennons as I have it my head somewhere that in action these were packed away. I may be totally wrong but that’s my reasoning.

I’m on with a battery of Danish horse artillery and should get them finished this weekend. Red gun carriages and yellow fittings is quite striking!

Hoping and planning for a game during the coming week to refresh our memories of GdA2.

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