Sunday 30 June 2024

Spanish/Danish/Dutch alliance prevail over the Swedes.

John and I had a rematch of sorts on Friday, swapping sides for another game featuring the Swedes holding off the Spanish/Danish/Dutch corps intent on invading Southern Sweden. Never happened of course but there were plans to just that while the Swedes’ attention was diverted by the Russian invasion of Finland. All the Swedes had to do was repulse the enemy, who had to win control of the road leading off  the Swedish base line. Three Swedish infantry brigades and two of cavalry were facing four allied infantry brigades and two brigades of cavalry. I did have the option of deploying a British brigade (again it could have happened as Sir John Moore and a large expeditionary force were bobbing around in Swedish ports without permission to disembark) but if I had done so John would have got a brigade of French. Probably wise not to use the British I thought. 

Using General D’Armee 2 most of the Swedish infantry were classed as ‘reservists’ while I had upgraded the Spanish from ‘recruit’ to ‘reservist’ as these were arguably Spain’s finest. Everyone else, with the exception of the Swedish Guard and Grenadier battalions were ‘line’. The two aforementioned battalions were classed as ‘grenadier’. Most of y Swedish army was built up for the Finnish campaign but I have no intention of producing more non-Finnish infantry.

So followed a brisk action to determine the fate of this little part of Sweden. As per usual here some photos of the action, suitably annotated.

The Swedes are on the right. The other lot are on the left.
The Spanish cavalry amd one of their infantry brigades on the enemy left.

My brave troops lining a wall in the face of a whole brigade of five battalions of Danes supported by artillery.

The Danish cavalry brigade facing my left flank.

The other Spanish brigade on my extreme right, no doubt trying to outflank me.

The main line of battle as seen from the Swedish right.

My only reserve was this brigade of two dragoon regiments. Would they be enough?

I forgot the move sequence momentarily and left this battalion in line, thinking I’d have time to form square later. Nope. I was charged and failed to form square, becoming unformed as well! Oops!

Predictably my infantry ran away at first contact!

The Danes had to take the ground rather than pursue so in the next turn my other cavalry brigade, led by the Lifeguard (in their full dress uniforms) hit these Danes and bundled them back.

Meanwhile the Danes were closing in on my thinly held centre. My musketry forced one battalion to pull back but there were plenty more behind..

The view from my centre. The Kimgdom of Holland brigade were about to loose their skirmish screen, but their infantry columns were inching closer. My line was being hit by the enemy artillery just out of the picture and taking losses.

The Danish cavalry were forced to retire quite some way, giving me a bit of a breather on this flank.

John duly ordered the Dutch to charge but they were thrown back by accurate musketry from my defenders. 

It was getting a bit tricky on my right so I decided to sacrifice a regiment of dragoons. The Spanish skirmishers withdrew to the woods.

My Guard and Grenadier battalions were my best troops, and were taking casualties from the Spanish artillery.  My entire flank was also in danger of being turned. Not even these fine chaps would be able to withstand eight battalions of Spanish!

Lots of Spaniards, supported by their cavalry brigade ready to pounce on my Guardsmen and Grenadiers.

Throwing caution to the wind my dragoon regiment charged the Spanish guns that were doing too much damage to my Guards. Johns infantry had all formed square the previous turn, so I suppose their advance had been halted, but what the hell I thought, ‘go for it!’ Moments later my dragoons were streaming to the rear, battered but not broken.

On the left the Swedes were gaining confidence and attacked the Danish horsemen. 

The fight went to a second round but John elected to pull back while I had chosen to fight, so the Danish cavalry brigade withdrew almost to their starting positions. A victory of sorts me me.

Sadly, in the centre the Danes charged and overran my centre, breaking this battalion amd causing the brigade to falter. As this happened to be the final turn I tested on the faltering brigade table and the entire lot ran away. Game over.

The Swedish CinC. Not a smiley face.

This was another tremendous game, especially as the rules were coming back to us and we managed eight leisurely turns in about three and a half hours of play. With eleven brigades on the table that was pretty good going. It was certainly a very colourful spectacle with the eclectic mix of nationalities and uniforms on the table. I plan to add to the Danes, Dutch, Spanish and Swedes in due course. I have more than enough French (20+ battalions etc) and there are some Russians to finish off.

Thanks to,John for giving me a good drubbing. 


  1. Yes I think you are right to upgrade the spanish as La Romanas troops did well at Espinosa. It would have been interesting to see how they would have done in a Baltic campaign. After all La Romana was an honourable man and would have done his duty.

  2. Great looking game and as you say, very colourful, loads of lovely looking miniatures on show!

  3. It's great to see such a fresh and colourful approach to napoleonics.

  4. Really enjoyed looking at these pics - such different armies to the usual . Looking forward to more on this campaign

  5. Always a joy to see your games and follow your AAR!