Monday 29 January 2018

His Majesty's Armed Cutter Bludgeon

I have almost completed my first ship from Games of War, an unrated RN cutter. The cannon are from Arcane Scenery and the crew are a mix of old Redoubt and Britannia I think. I doubt such a small ship would have any marines in its complement but they add a splash of colour. I have a couple more crewmen to finish and I'm going to try and fit it with some furled sails. I have some swivel guns to mount, but my priority was to get this one table ready for Wednesdays game.

Once I have enough troops and a couple more vessels such as these then they can also be used for my War of 1812 project if it gets going this year.


  1. A very fine ship you have there and the crew look great. Have to agree the marines do add to the colour.

  2. God bless her and all who sail in her!

  3. Wow, that looks great, as do the crew and the Marines. The one down side of 10mm wargaming is the lack of kit like this to play with! Now the War of 1812 keeps nagging me to explore it further. Even Michael Portillo was talking about it one his railway programme this evening!

  4. Nice looking ship. I think that we have to scale down boats ( use smaller actual types of boats to represent larger boats) in 28mm. A frigate would be too big to put on almost any game table.

    1. thanks Jim. I agree about scale but I do have a 28mm Frigate which could one day find a place on my table.

  5. very nice and well worth the effort.