Tuesday 16 January 2018

The basing queue lengthens.

We are moving house on 2 March so I have been making a vain attempt to box things up, throw out unwanted stuff or put it on eBay, or trying to finish off what’s on the painting and basing desks so packing up and moving will be easier. (I wish).

The units below (like those Prussian cavalry on one of yesterday’s posts) are finished but require their bases doing. Just in case I don’t get round to them they’re already boxed up ready to travel. Again, hasty photos using my phone but I think you will get the idea.

This and the three that follow it are the beginnings of my 1806 Prussians (that I will unashamedly use for Valmy at some point too!). The infantry are from Forgotten and Glorious Miniatures of France that were on sale again briefly about 18 months ago at 50% off the marked price! Very nice but the muskets are a bit fragile. Flags by Adolfo Ramos.
These gunners are old Wargames Foundry. The commanders are more FG Miniz.
Two combined grenadier battalions.
These are some more Prussian cavalry. There is a squadron each of cuirassiers and dragoons (old Foundry figures)
The hussars are a mixture. The seven at the back are Foundry and the dozen closer to the camera are more FG Miniz.

I had some 'spare' Foundry/Casting Room Miniatures early Napoleonic Saxons (and I can't think why I had them in the first place its been so long since I bought them). So they're painted up as five battalions of Dutch for the War of the 1st Coalition in Flanders. Purists would say that the figures are not quite right but at least they are being put to good use. I have little in the way of information about flags for this period. Jan (of the Alde Garde club/blog) tells me they had changed from those carried in the mid-18thC and has sent me a few pictures but I might just cheat and use the older designs as I have a few WAS Dutch flags knocking around somewhere.

I doubt any of these will get based before we move, if only because I will need to buy some more tufts and static grass if I am to get them and about half a dozen other units all done and battle ready.


  1. Blimey, you have been busy. Hope the move goes well and all arrives safe and sound.

  2. Good luck with the move, here's hoping it all goes smoothly with little damage to all the important stuff (figures).

  3. Productive seems an understatement really...

  4. A very busy boy aren't we? Good luck with the move.

  5. That's a lot of fellas.

    Good luck with the move.