Wednesday 17 January 2018

They're coming thick and fast!

I've been laid up most of today having done too much yesterday, hence this post showing some more emigres for my French Revolution project.

Above and below, two shots of my Salm-Kirchberg artillery. The gunners are Trent with head swaps, the  galloper gun is North Star 1672 and the gun team are Perry. Quite a mix. Oh and I don't know where the dog peeing on the cannon is from! I'm not happy with the way these have turned out but at least they are off the recruiting table and in barracks, shortly to be on the way to the Loire estuary for my mini campaign.

Two Emigre commanders. The guy on the left (a Trent figure) represents the Duc de Choisel, while the other (Eureka) is the Comte d'Hervilly. 


  1. The dog is by Redoubt. I have several in different periods’ vignettes. Nice addition by the way, hope you recover your strength soon.

  2. More great work Colin:). Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Colin,
    Can't keep pace with what you're doing awesome - amazing what a house move next new games room instigates