Wednesday 31 January 2018

Events leading up to the Battle of Pornichet

Day 2 (turns 3 and 4) of the campaign saw the French gather their forces from St Nazaire and other nearby garrisons in order to launch an attack to recapture Pornichet. The Division from Nantes is also mobilising but will take several days to arrive on the scene. The 'Allies' have continued landing stores and have sent a small force of English troops (a single battalion of infantry) to take the town and fort at Pouliguen at the western end of the bay. The garrison had departed but the coastal battery was taken without a shot being fired. In turn 4 they continued towards Batz with the objective of taking Le Croisic the following day.

Mid-morning on Day 3 (turn 5) sees the arrival of the Republicans.

Commander: General Henri de Bouzille

Cavalry Brigade: Colonel Phillippe Monteton
Dragoons x 2 squadrons
Chasseurs a cheval x 2 squadrons
Horse artillery battery x 3 cannon (4pdr)

General de Brigade Alonso Fonde-Lapatrie
Demi-Brigade  x 2 - 6 battalions (newly raised!)

General de Brigade Hercule Trécon
Demi-Brigade Legere x 1 - 3 battalions
Demi- Brigade x 1 -  3 battalions (veteran)
Combined Grenadier companies x 1 battalion

Foot battery x 3 cannon (6pdr)

Facing the Republicans are a combination of British, Emigre and Vendee troops.

Commander General Comte d’Herviley

English Brigade under Colonel Arthur Weasley
Combined Light companies
Combined Grenadier companies
10th Light Dragoons (small)
Royal Artillery, 1 x 3pdr, 1 x 6pdr, 1 x 12pdr

Royal Navy Landing Party: Lt. Horace Blowhorn RN
12pdr cannon x 2

Emigre Division under General Comte de Choisel
Royal Emigrants
Bachman Fusiliers
Mirabeau Fusiliers
Damas Fusiliers
Beon Chasseurs (rifles)
Rohan Hussars
Beon Hussars
Salm-Kirkberg Horse Artillery  1 x  3pdr

Royal and Catholic Army under  General Francois Aimée Voulaizunlezotre (not under command or influence of the CinC)
Skirmishers x 2 (small)
Infantry x 8
Cavalry x 1(small)

The game today has had to be postponed due to sickness ravaging the man cave. Anyone with a working knowledge of French may find the names of the Republican commanders and the Chouan leader amusing.


  1. Sadly my French is not up to scratch; maybe Google translate will help. Hope you get better soon as I'm looking forward to the next AAR, as this period looks rather tempting. So much so that I've been looking at Blanning's and Griffith's books...

  2. I've also run into the man flu, so my head isn't up to most of your puns. Enjoyed Alfonso and Arthur Weasley though.

    Puns aside, campaign looks great.

  3. Wonderful stuff Colin. You can have a lot of fun with wargames favourite French option is General Huitabix au Lait

  4. The Republican cavalry commander's name suggests to me he would like to add a squadron of Hussarettes to his brigade :-)

  5. I hope to see much more of this to aid my convalescence.