Monday 13 May 2019

9th Bengal Irregular Cavalry

This week's first offering is this unit of Bengal Irregular Cavalry, the 9th. I’m not sure I’m happy with them so they may be sent back to the QM for some touching up.....

Their uniform is very similar to my other BIC regiment (8th) but I've given this lot lances to help differentiate.

In Black Powder Lancers do get a significant advantage, too much if am to be honest) so I don't penalise the saving throw of the enemy as the Lancers already have an extra dice. In this sort of warfare the impact is much less, otherwise units like the 3rd Light Dragoons might have struggled when they attacked and defeated many more enemy horsemen than themselves.

Anyway, we shall see as I am having an inaugural outing with the collection tomorrow evening. I can't wait.


  1. Nice job on this irregular cavalry regiment...

  2. Very nice looking unit. Hope you’ll post on the big outing for the collection :-)

  3. Nice addition? How did they fare I wonder?