Wednesday 8 May 2019

Sikh Gurkhas

Another unit to add to the Khalsa, this time a unit of ‘Ghurkas’.

 Most weren’t actually Gurkhas but hillmen from close to the border with Nepal, with uniforms modelled loosely on the EIC-raised Ghurka battalions' dress of the time, except for the French tricolour cockade! These are Studio Miniatures castings. 6/10 overall as an action pose might have looked better, but these were easy enough to paint. And yes as a part of the elite  Fauj-i-Kais brigade there is a good chance that they carried French style tricolours as did the rest of the brigade.


  1. Nice to see. I hadn't realised the Sikh Ghurkas also carried a French tricolour. Handy, I've some to paint.