Sunday 12 May 2019

Queen's Troops and The Army of the Bengal Presidency of the Honourable East India Company on Parade.

By way of providing balance, here is the opposition for the Khalsa posted the other day, namely the troops of the Bengal Presidency of the HEIC, stiffened by several regiments of Queens troops as was common practice.
The Army of the Bengal Presidency 
The artillery train. I must get the rest of the Bullock teams and Horse Artillery limbers sorted.
Four regiments of Bengal Light Cavalry. In their rear the Governor General's Bodyguard.
The 8th Bengal Irregular Cavalry lead the way.
Three troops of Bengal Horse Artillery (I could do with another one at least), supported by HM 3rd Light Dragoons and HM 16th Lancers.

HM 60th Rifles leading five battalions of Queens troops and the 2nd (European) Bengal Light Infantry
Governor General Sir Henry Hardinge (left) and the Commander in Chief in India, General Sir Hugh Gough in his famous white 'fighting coat.
Bengal Native Infantry. 12 battalions in total.
Five companies of Bengal Foot Artillery in front of the massed ranks of the BNI.
A Bengal Foot Artillery battery equipped with something a little heavier than 6pdr or 9pdr guns.
I’ve  almost finished a couple more regiments (4th and 9th Bengal Irregular Cavalry and HM 9th Lancers) and am waiting for some Ghurkas from OGUK, together with a couple of Bengal Horse Artillery limbers. I’ve got a couple more bullock drawn limbers ready to paint the that’s it. I’ll have just about everything I need to refight all/any of the battles in both Sikh Wars. Job done. Until I think of the odd unit I might like to add that is.......


  1. Splendid Colin...
    I do like a parade.
    All the best. Aly

  2. Grand parade there Colin! I'm convinced you neither sleep nor eat😉

  3. Splendid indeed! What a sight to stir the heart :-D
    A really lovely collection.