Thursday 9 May 2019

Anglo-Sikh Wars: The Khalsa on Parade

I thought I'd muster the forces of the Khalsa today to see what they looked like en masse. I am mightily pleased with how they've turned out. It has only taken maybe eight years to get them to this stage.

The whole army on parade.

Regular cuirassiers and lancers, two regiments of each.
The backbone of the army. Seventeen battalions of regulars and three of my large artillery batteries. 
The commander in chief on his elephant, leading four battalions of the Fauj-i-Khas (the elite of the army, well drilled by European officers) 
More artillery. There are five batteries, including one of horse artillery, in total.
Four units of Akali irregular and fanatical infantry, behind which is the camel gun corps.
Gorchara irregular cavalry.
The army seen from the other wing.

The Sikh gun line on the left, regular infantry in the centre and the artillery park on the right.
The artillery park.
I've got some more irregular cavalry and four more battalions of regular infantry on the painting table and I really want to add some irregular infantry. Somewhere I have some Afghan hillmen types that will do nicely. Oh, and I need more bullocks and another elephant.


  1. Wow, what an impressive and colorful parade!

  2. That is just wonderful! So carried and colourful. A joy in short.

  3. lovely painted miniatures - stunning army arrayed appearance!

  4. As colourful as you can probably get in a wargames army, short of the Italian Wars.

  5. Impressive, most impressive. "More figures needed" is always the cry of the dedicated wargamer.

  6. A lovely colourful collection Colin...
    I am truly impressed by the speed at which you have put it together...

    All the best. Aly

  7. I can only echo the "wows". Such a riot of colour!

  8. Absolutely awesome Colin.....but can they fight? In reality all those lovely cavalry just swanned about and let the artillery and infantry fight the battles......