Sunday 5 May 2019

April production progress report

A slow month in April due to taking a week off on holiday and various other commitments. However the sunshine over the early Bank Holiday weekend meant I could take myself outside and base up lots of figures.

Basing only, already painted figures:
20 Sikh Wars British cavalry (3LD and 16L)
120 Sikh Wars European infantry (6 btn)
240 Sikh Wars Bengal Native Infantry (12 btn)
48 Sikh 'Regular' cavalry (2 each cuirassier and lancers)
6 bases Bengal Horse Artillery gunners (3 troops)
12 bases Bengal Foot Artillery gunners (6 batteries)
240 Sikh Wars Sikh regulars (12 bun)

Painted and bases finished:
18 6pdr and 9pdr cannon for European Sikh Wars gunners
2 x 18pdr cannon as above
6 x ox drawn limber teams
4 x elephants and limbers
8 x Governor General's Bodyguard

All these units with the exception of the Eureopeans need their flags adding.


May will hopefully see me finish 20 Sikh irregular cavalry, 12 more Akali, 10 mounted Akali and my two Sikh Ghurka battalions, as well as three Bengal Irregular Cavalry regiments. I have some Sikh irregular infantry to do and some Bengal Horse Artillery limbers and EIC Gurkhas on order from OGUK.


  1. Well now, if that's a slow month I guess I ought to give up! As ever, well done Colin.

  2. Looks like a productive month to me!