Saturday 8 June 2019

A pack of Camels

Not the iconic French (?) fag but something a little odd this time. I’ve read on numerous occasions that camels were used by the Sikhs and sometime by the British/HEIC to pull cannon. As if horses, oxen and elephants didn’t give enough variety! Nobody (except Perry) makes specific camel drawn limber teams but a bit of improvisation got me this from stuff I already had. The camels and their handler are from Westphalia Miniatures Persian Napoleonic range now available through Black Hussar, the limber is a Victorious Miniatures 1790’s British limber, and the cannon is a Foundry Indian Mutiny/Crimean War 24pdr (I think). The long base is by Renendra from Arcane Models and Scenery


  1. Very nice work. Don't the Perrys have one though in their Britishin Egypt range?

    1. Thanks. Yes they do but I had this stuff spare so saved myself £11.50

  2. Excellent, a gem on your future tables!

  3. A great looking piece and addition to the limber pulling menagerie! :-)