Thursday 12 December 2019

November progress update.

I realise that these monthly updates may well bore the pants off some readers, but bear with my self-indulgence please as this monthly tally is a great boost to the soul, and of course to the painting mojo. Anyway, I almost forgot to finish this update of stuff completed during November, but here goes. Much of my focus, well all of it actually, was on putting the final touches to the Sikh Wars game I put on (with some of my friends) at Battleground.

Completed (painted and based by me):
Troop Bengal Horse Artillery - 10 figures
BHA six-horse limber teams x 3 including converting suitable extra drivers
Camels and Camel-drawn limber and cannon
Bearers, artillery lascars, Civilians and sundry vignettes (approx 40 figs)
British Sikh Wars command stands x 3 (7 figures)
Bengal Native Infantry Btn 20 figs
European infantry Btn 20 figs
Sikh artillery battery- 18 gunners, 3 cannon
Assorted spare limbers, ammo wagons and water carts - 5
Vultures x 4 bases

Terrain items etc:
Painted 12’ of earthworks for Sikh Wars game (scratch built by friend Rob Anderson of Northumbrian Painting Services)
Various tents, market stalls, encampment bits for Sikh Wars
Raised gun emplacement and large redoubt for Sikh Wars game

3 incl demo game at Battleground

Battleground Stockton

What next?

What indeed? I have a half a dozen or so more units to do for the Sikh Wars, mainly irregulars but also regiments of Sikh Dragoons and HM 9th Lancers. I’m in no rush and although it won’t suffer for them not being completed, I really want to put this project to bed and move on to tackling another part of the lead mountain. I can’t face making a start on adding to the Italian Wars figures I bought off eBay several years ago yet, but do fancy starting my TAG Renaissance Cossacks. Of some Americans for the War of 1812. We shall see. There’s always an odd French Revolutionary War unit to paint up, or French 18th century infantry.

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  1. That's just depressing you know! But, it keeps you off the streets! Keep going, it's the only way...