Tuesday 31 December 2019

And now the scary bit! Looking back on 2019 and forward to 2020

As 2019 draws to a close in about 17 minutes I should by time honoured custom risk boring the pants of some readers and look back and see what I’ve accomplished during the year. Thankfully I’ve been keeping a pretty decent record for once, and have some monthly progress reviews to fall back on. So, here goes. It was scary when I added it all up. VERY scary!

Figures completed (not necessarily started during 2019), based and game ready, including everything whether painted and based from scratch by me or outsourced and just based by me = 3839! (Foot = 1; Horse = 2; Cannon etc = 3)

Of which around 60% were completed in their entirety by me (in the case of almost all the Sikhs and lots of 18thC, started up to eight years ago!) while the remainder were painted for me but I completed the bases. Almost half of the completed figures are for the Sikh Wars, with the next biggest groups being French Revolutionary Wars and the late 17thC.

Periods covered throughout this painting spree were French Revolution, Sikh Wars,  Wars of the Polish and Austrian Succession, Renaissance/Thirty Years War, Napoleonics and late 17th Century (Franco-Dutch War, Wars against/for the Ottomans).

I've organised or taken part in  38 games, of which 32 were here at The Burrow, 3 were at the Durham club, 3 at the Wild Geese weekend in Kenilworth and 1 at the Battleground show. Periods played were:

French Revolution -13
Sikh Wars - 6
Napoleonic - 2
Thirty Years War - 2
Ancient - 1
The Wars against the Ottomans - 5
1670s Franco-Dutch War & similar - 2
Great Northern War - 1
AWI - 1
7YW - 3
Colonial - 1
30YW - 2

I’ve spent far too much money buying lots more French Revolutionary War figures, as well as mid-18thC French, 1670s and 80s French, Spanish, Piedmontese and sundry others, Renaissance Cossacks, Italian Wars, the War of 1812. I’ve also recently purchased a load of Strelets and Zvezda 1/72 Marlburian plastics as part of a collective project for 2020.

Next year (as of tomorrow) I'm involved in the 1/72 project just mentioned but am also determined to finish off the few remaining 1670s and French Rev figures and try and get the War of 1812 collection painted and on the table. That, and a bit of furious eBay activity as I have a big box of 'stuff' SNLR to be dealt with.

This is also my 172nd post of 2019, which isn’t bad.

So, with no more hidden treasures under the table I doubt I shall get anywhere near this year’s output, but I shall keep plugging away. I trust everyone out there has a very happy, healthy and productive 2020, and that the dice keep rolling the way you want them to.


  1. Colin
    A very impressive output to add to an already very impressive collection.
    All the best for 2020

  2. Happy New Year to you and Katherine.

  3. That's an impressive amount of figures painted and games played. Here's to us all having a great 2020!

  4. That's over six years' worth here in GHQ! God, you have depressed me of late!😉