Tuesday 8 September 2020

Can you ever have too many Swiss? I don’t think so.....


Clearly more of a rhetorical question. I don’t think I do have enough, hence the appearance of another large pike block with supporting skirmishers. The block is 56 strong, including a rear rank of halbardiers, then I have eight crossbows and another eight handgunners. I had enough spare figures for two command bases as well.
Almost all the figures are Foundry, with the odd Perry (the bear), TAG and even a Bicorne figure is in there somewhere.

Not an original idea and one that in practice might have proven to be just as hazardous for the pike block as the enemy, I put a bear and its handler in the front rank. 

I managed to paint and base the unit in about nine days which is pretty good. I tried out the contrast paints again but am not especially enamoured with them. Some of the colours do give a good effect when painted over the right base coat, and the various brown colours are good on horses, as is the Templar Black. Too expensive for me I think and I’ll stick to what I know best as the result is pretty much the same when I’m in the mood for painting.

This unit and the rest of the collection will be getting their first outing on Saturday, which I’m really looking forward to. Right, I have another Swiss unit to finish basing that my mate Barry did for me last week. I’m possibly going to have enough Swiss, but maybe not.....


  1. I think Charles the Bold might disagree with you Colin
    Splendid toys...

    All the best. Aly

  2. I think that is a rhetorical question.....of course not. Too many Swiss? Never. I have a large force awaiting the brush which includes many different manufacturers. Looking forward to getting these boys painted and your collection of Renaissance figures is just the inspiration I need.

  3. One of my favorite eras to game, I'm excited to see this huge collection of yours take the field for a game. Should be quite the spectacle.