Friday 4 September 2020

FRENCH REVOLUTIONARY WAR CAMPAIGN - Pichegru and Jourdan attack the coalition rearguard.

 The table is set and the troops deployed (except a hidden brigade on the Coalition side). I'm looking forward to this one as the result will add even more to the swirling and dispersed action that is the Battle of Turcoing. It is 2pm. The 'other' battle here concluded at 4.30pm or thereabouts. No chance of Pichagru and Jourdan interfering before then, but a quick victory could see them arrive as the Coalition forces have completed their mopping up of the defeated army of Marceau-Desgraviers. Now that would be interesting!

The Coalition right looking very exposed and alone.

The Coalition centre. My brigade of Bavarians in Rumford uniforms supporting some artillery. Rather a lot of targets our there! 

The Coalition left. A potentially flakey brigade of Austrians, including one regular battalion, one Grenz battalion, three Freikorps battalions and some Grenz hussars, supported by a battery. 

The Coalition secret weapon. Grenz Hussars with lancers! Shame they're rubbish in a stand up fight.

So there you go. I will be live streaming the game from 10.30 tomorrow in order that the players can see what's going on, with audio provided by Skype. Worked very well last week. Im looking forward go this game a great deal. As I said at the top of the post, a potential cruncher.

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  1. Those Grenz Hussars look attractive in their cloaks/coats. Any chance of a close up?