Wednesday 19 May 2021

A real game at the Burrow on Saturday!

Maximus Parmo.

Thanks to Bojo relaxing the social distancing rules I am hosting the first post-pandemic (sort of) game here at the Burrow on Saturday. It will see the first outing of my new Late Romans, and some Goths.

Here are some of the latest completed units and commanders I intend to field. My Late Romans under Maximus Parmo (Me & team) will be facing a “rebel alliance” of usurping Late Romans under Richard, Huns under Conrad and my Goths, commander yet to be decided.

Another Roman war machine. Can you have too many?

The next couple of photos are of the first three units of Goth cavalry. They are all metals bought off eBay then tarted up, re-shielded and re-based.  

A lone unit of Hun mercenaries.
And finally………..what Roman army would be worth its salt without Scipio?


  1. "What's that Scipio, three children are stuck down a well....?"

    1. Ki, ki, kiii, ki ki kiki! (No you dimwit. I am holding the three kids to ransom until the stupid tv network stops typecasting me in every production I’m involved in! I want to be remembered for Skippy PI, or Obi Wan Kangaroo in Star Wars!)

  2. haha...Scipio must be worth a bonus to morale at least.

  3. Have fun with Skippio Australis.

  4. I shall enjoy Scipio's triumph. No doubt he will bound around the battlefield encouraging his troops before landing the knockout blow!

  5. Looking forward to another grand battle 👍 good luck scipio !