Monday 10 May 2021

The Goths: A Mini Parade

 In order to maintain the correct editorial balance I now present an Ostrogothic mini parade. The figures are a generic Dark Ages mixture of many manufacturers and are in plastic, but predominantly metal so far. Some of the close order infantry were bought painted off eBay so all I did was tidy up and rebase them, but the rest are all mine. So far there are six war bands of close order infantry, a single unit of javelin skirmishers and six of archers. Two more close order units are almost done (just the bases to finish). I have a couple more boxes of Gripping Beast Dark Age infantry, plus enough metal armoured figures to mix in with them and raise perhaps another four units in total. There are some more archers kicking around as well.

Next in the painting queue are the first of my Goth cavalry, all plastic from Gripping Beast. These are so easy to stick together. My only quibble is the lack of poses between the three sets I’ve used; Goth elite cavalry, Goth noble cavalry and Dark Age cavalry. I’ve got a handful of metal Goths to add literally to the weight of the units. I’m probably going to mix them all up apart from perhaps a single unit with armoured horses, we shall see. I can’t imagine I’ll get these finished quickly, maybe a fortnight, and I have the same numbers again to assemble. I’d better do some commanders as well.

So, a good start to the week. Less good is that BT Open Reach are digging our road up again and tell us we shall have disrupted broadband for the rest of the week, which is annoying but hopefully it, and me, will be operating properly again by the end of the week so I can run a game on Saturday. We shall see.....


  1. Nice looking Goths there Colin!

    1. Not a sign of any Emo-like characters........yet

  2. You have given them a good home. Foundry has some good looking Goths too, if you want more varieties.

  3. Ouch that is quite a lot of cavalry … uphill endeavour 👍