Monday 26 July 2021

The Masters Interview: Another podcast


A few weeks ago my mate Tim put Chris, the producer of this series of podcasts, in touch with me to see if I’d agree to be interviewed. Why not I thought? I survived the Yarkshire Gamer experience. Chris is a relative newcomer to the hobby and full of enthusiasm, and I’d heard some of his other interviews so it seemed like a way of sharing my experiences and wargame thinking, such as it is, beyond the blatherings that can be found on this blog, with anyone interested in listening. 

Winston ap Rees Podcast The Masters  

I guess I’m more than a little bit flattered to be seen as walking in the same shoes as the likes of Henry Hyde and Kevin Dallimore, or even my mates Tim Whitworth and Ken Reilly who have also featured in this series of interviews, let alone being thought of as a ‘Master’, although I was quite into debating at school.  

Anyway, Chris is clearly an enthusiastic new wargamer, with great plans for a massive Wars of the Roses collection, and unlike most of us these days is still many years away from middle age except in his choice of wargame project. We passed an enjoyable couple of hours chatting away on Zoom on a sultry Sunday evening in the Burrow as I did my best to respond to Chris’ questions. 

I trust if you listen you may find it interesting, even if just a little bit.


  1. Thank you, and I will have a listen. Looking very forward to it.

    Best Regards,


  2. You? Blathering? I find that hard to imaginešŸ˜ A shame the deaf can't follow this easily.

  3. Very interesting. Well done, difficult thing to do.