Friday 30 July 2021

Revenge of the Goths…………..well almost.

The table at the start of the game. Goths under Paul and Richard on the right.
 Conrad and Nigel on the left.

I seem to be falling behind in my posting of late, as this game took place last Saturday 24 July. We (Conrad, Paul, Richard and Nigel and me) are “into” Sword and Spear at the moment so another Late Roman v Goths and some misguided Late Romans was on the table. Conrad Nigel and I were the good Romans. 

The Roman battle line from their right. Opposite, the Goth commander pondering their first move.

The view along the Goth/Roman line from their left wing.

The Goth centre. 

Goth warriors launched a series of attacks against the Romans holding the central wood. It took several turns before the latter were dislodged.

The Roman left wing cavalry advances.

Richard was in command of several units of misguided Romans backing his attempt to be crowned Caesar. Fighting to the last Goth was their plan.
The Roman right caught on the back foot by Richard’s Gothic cavalry.

The Roman left surging forward after breaking several Goth units.

Another view of the hoards of Goth infantry in the centre.

The Roman line holds steady as the Goth warriors approach.

The Goths are piling the pressure on our centres,  have broken one Legio and are locked in combat with another.

The tide turns - last surviving Goth warband in the centre.

On the Roman left the Goths had been contained and were beginning to falter.

On my flank my cavalry were getting well and truly hammered yanks in part to my dreadful tactics and dice throwing. At least we acted as a big speed bump while the reserves moved to plug the gap.

The Roman left getting the upper hand….just.

Esme providing cover for the Roman infantry.

The last of the Gothic infantry being taken apart by the Romans

It was another hard fought and enjoyable game, even though my command broke. My memory is a little fuzzy as to the end result. If I remember correctly it was declared to be a marginal Goth victory, but only given that the misguided Roman infantry backing the usurper Richard had yet to be engaged. As noted earlier Richard had fought to the last Goth, and in doing so seriously weakened our infantry and cavalry, leaving them extremely vulnerable to his usurper Roman legios.

PS. I actually had a game during the day this week as well. The other Paul came over and the Goths under my command somehow managed to wreck his centre and left while my left wing held up his cavalry for several turns before being wiped out, who had been intent on rolling up my flank. A rare Gothic victory but no photos of the game as I was too busy engrossed in the game. 


  1. A gothic win, but no pictures you say? Highly suspicious if you ask me. As ever the photos of your grand game are splendidly engrossing, thanks for cheering me up there!

  2. Ah, I knew it. Fritigern forgot his DSLR again!

    Beautiful game Colin and quite an enthralling result!