Sunday, 5 April 2020

Another Emigre Unit - Mirabeau Legion Grenadiers

For some reason I had a battalion's worth of Dutch Grenadiers for the War of the 1st Coalition.  Not needing any more Dutch I remembered a picture I'd seen of a group of soldiers from the Emigre Mirabeau Legion. Whether there was a full battalion in reality I don't know but it was a 'Legion' complete with chasseurs, hussars and fusiliers.

I love the Legion's uniform, very striking, and easy to paint. The flag is copied from a book on French flags of the period then overpainted.

If 'The Great Confinement' goes on for another 10 weeks at this rate I'll have no excuse not to start my 1/72nd scale Marlburian figures.

Take care and keep safe.


  1. Lovely looking unit Colin. The black with blue is striking.

  2. 'Not knowing' is the best reason to build a full unit and shrug if you later find out reality was not so kind to the recruiter.

  3. your nothing but inspirational!

  4. Nice work Colin filling in the tiny gaps in your collection

  5. Why not? Your toys in your game! Good addition too!