Tuesday 7 April 2020

Some ADCs for General d'Armée

Since starting to use Gen d'Armée its been fun painting up extra figures to use as ADCs in the games. Now, they only appear so to speak for a very little time each turn but visually I think a suitable figure is better than a rather bland marker that looks like, well, for the shortsighted amongst us, just another marker. So here are a few completed or almost completed ADCs.

A Representative of the People. Not strictly an ADC but if present with a brigade commander he gets a re-roll for activation. If with the CinC he gives a re-roll on a single failed ADC roll. Not in the main rules but why not? I just need to finish his assistant, who is of course taking copious notes.
On the left we have an officer of HM 15th Light dragoons (IIRC), a Foundry figure. On the right one of my favourite figures, an officer of the Hanoverian 10th Light Dragoons, is this Hinchliffe one piece casting that must be over 40 years old. 

Here are two Revolutionary French ADCs. On the left a Dragoon officer but I don't know the makers. On the right thins I think a Dixon figure but with a new sword arm and horse, painted as an officer of the 7eme Hussars in undress uniform.

A bit of light relief as I plough through the last of the French Revolutionary Wars figures currently on the paint station of hell. Still plenty in the box of doom though!