Saturday 11 April 2020

More oddments for the French Revolutionary Wars

Hardly an impressive amount of output for today bit I have several units close to completion that may even be finished on the same day.

Anyway, I've now sourced a suitable figure to accompany my Representative of the People. I think this is a Gringo 40 figure. He looks the part I think.

 The new figure is clearly discussing who on his list might need to be recalled to Paris for a short meeting with the Directory.
 The lone figure below is by Trent Miniatures and depicts a Lombard Legion Drum Major. I have three battalio.s of the Legion, plus a squadron of cavalry and a battery of guns, so why not ha e a Drum Major to go with them? Why not indeed.

The big thing about these close ups is that they show up all the errors and wobbly bits in my painting.  If I had the energy I'd go back over them all but that'd be a waste of precious proper painting time.

As always, keep safe and keep attacking your lead mountains.


  1. Those are nice additions Colin!

  2. Cracking job and wonderful colors!

  3. Nice work Colin given the scale of the battles you are able to fight it is all about the overall effect and nobody actually fought a battle in clean dress uniforms anyway