Monday 20 April 2020

More Franco-Prussians on manoeuvres get their bases competed.

The next drawer down in the plastic mini cabinets that held the French I paraded in an earlier post here  were these beauties. I took the pictures outside on t’patio so they may have a sun washed look about them.

First up a regiment of Prussian infantry,  all three battalions. These Helion-cum-North Star 1866 figures are gorgeous.  Full of action.

Next a regiment of Prussian Uhlans. Foundry figures. I bought these off eBay years ago.

Lastly a regiment of French Lancers of the Guard in capes. They don't have to be Guard lancers but the officer in the white jacket is a dead giveaway! Foundry figures again. These were also an eBay purchase years ago.

I am just waiting for some wire spears to do the French lances, some tufts and flags for the Prussians but thought I would post these anyway. I seem to be going through consumables quicker than normal.


  1. Great stuff! All very handsome figures I'll probably never have the time to get my own feet wet, but the FPW is one of my absolute favorite just past mid-19th century conflicts. The other is of course the 1866 War with even more varied uniforms and headgear.

  2. Nice looking chaps there Colin.

  3. Wonderful stuff… FPW is on my wish list..