Tuesday 28 April 2020

A few more figures for the Revolutionary Wars.

After several false starts and distractions I finally completed this battalion of Frenxh volunteers to add to my already too large French Republican forces.

I did these mainly with contrast paints then added some twiddly bits and so forth. They are Elite Miniatures which I do like, especially these raggedy arsed bunch!

On a lighter note, reader may remember in a previous post covering the French Revolutionary Wars campaign I'm running at the moment that the Duke of Cambridge was captured in the rout after the battle at Hondschoote but escaped that evening when he drank his Republican hosted u see the table. Here is is making his escape.


  1. Nice additions to your FRW army there, plus an amusing rendering of the GODofY! Where did you source the volunteers' flag from please? I ask as I've a unit awaiting paint.

  2. Very nicely done...and the last one is excellent!

  3. Tarletons and Brown-red uniforms of this era! What a splendid combination!

  4. Seriously Colin, where do you keep all this stuff!!!!!