Wednesday 22 April 2020

French Aerostatier Corps Balloon circa 1793

 Making stuff isn't something I'm much good at these days bit I'm very pleased with this French Revolutionary Wars addition in the form of an observation balloon of the Aerostatier Corps.
 I ha e the bits to try to copy the ones made by Dianne Sutherland in her recent 'Making Wargames Terrain book. I've also got Chris Flahertys book on Balloons in Napoleonic wargaming for a bit more inspiration.


  1. That’s fun! Well done Citizen!

  2. I do like this kind of 'unit', a gem on your future tables...Bravo et salutations de France!

  3. Aly Morrison has left a new comment on your post "French Aerostatier Corps Balloon circa 1793":

    That is splendid Colin...
    Will there be bonus victory points for shooting it down?....😁

    All the best. Aly

  4. A Nimble piece of work there Colin.

    1. Possibly wasted on anyone under the age of 50!

  5. Quite a target Colin, if I was an Austrian I would be trying my damnedest to hit the balloon. You do know you will have to make a dirigible in flames.

  6. What an incredible piece of workmanship. Beautiful. Again the type r thing that brings life to the table top. Your games are a true inspiration.