Saturday 26 August 2017

401: Hussaria! Polish Winged Hussars at the Royal Armouries, Leeds

We spent an excellent day down in Leeds at the Royal Armouries to watch the Polish Winged Hussars show, as well as meeting up at the event with a cousin I didn't know I had until a few weeks ago (all thanks to my family tree research)

With one exception all these guys had come over from Poland (Gdansk I think) on Thursday and only 'met' their mounts yesterday. The exception was a Brit. It was a really good show, with a bit of history thrown in. We enjoyed it, as did the crowd judging by their cheers and applause. It was very well done and very colourful, and I shall be digging out my 17th century Poles soon to give them an airing on the table.

I have some more stuff on my phone as my camera decided to expire half way through the show that I shall post at some point as there are more movie clips to share. 


  1. What a great way to spend the day. Interesting to note they have their 'wings' attached to the saddle (or so it appears to me) rather than their backs as shown on many figures.

  2. Alawys impressive and superb, thanks for sharing...

  3. Great to see the the pictures,l was tempted to come down from Scotland to see it but didn't. What a panoply !